The Water Crisis issue was the subject of a discussion between public agencies and entities to clarify water management at national and district levels.

The participants showed the challenges and trends in the water issue in Brazil and questioned the weakness in management. For many, planning and investing in the implementation of Containment Plans would be the beginning of a committed management of water resources.

The representatives of the Basin Committees have come to the conclusion that working with the Committees in an integrated, participatory and shared manner as water resource managers rather than as users and civil society can be an opportunity for listening and progress.

Another highlight was the reinforcement in the speech that besides the participation of each one of the basin in the decision-making, it is important to consider the management of territories, not forgetting that it is the obligation of all to take care of springs, as well as to reduce losses in networks, to strengthen the efficient use and reuse more, thereby avoiding recurrent water crises in many regions.

There was also a conversation about practices and projects that intrinsically interfere in the water issue, and it was pointed that besides improving infrastructure and management tools, public managers should always look for innovations and habit changes, such as the use of rainwater.

Luiz Carlos Souza Silva


Maria do Carmo (CAESB Water Resources Manager)
Sergio Razera (PCJ Foundation)
Paulo Varella (President of CBH Piancó-Piranhas-Açu)
Rosany Carvalho (Representative of Assoc.dos prod. e protetores da Bacia do Descoberto)
Rafael Mello (ADASA Water Resources Superintendence)