One of the most expected Roundtables at the Water Arena, ‘Water in the Media’, happened with the main objective of bringing examples of works about water on television and raising the debate on basic sanitation, transposition, water crisis and mining, using video presentations.

The moderation brought at the very start a report developed on the Nile River, which addressed the beginning of the formation of civilizations, which took place on the banks of this river.

The importance of this television series was highlighted because it deals with the importance of rivers for the emergence of nowadays society.

The participants discussed the culture of abundance in Brazil and how actions that are not directly related to water care, such as the propagation of sustainable energy models, can contribute to the improvement of water resources.

It was pointed out that sometimes the media does not collaborate with the presentation of ways of preservation, but nowadays the good example is that the mobilization of young people is growing, much larger than the previous generations.

Those who were present also highlighted the importance of bringing knowledge to the public, so that knowledge generates engagement and sentimental attachment, and thus the media can play its fundamental role.

Given the recent environmental events in Brazil, especially Mariana, the panelists also led to a reflection on the privileges of large companies in the use of water in relation to small ones, such as fishermen, in the case of Mariana-MG, that also get their livelihood from the river and that facts like this should have the full support of the media, which doesn’t happen.

In conclusion, it was commented that there is a good media coverage about water, but there is no mobilization of the population, unlike other issues that stir and cause the unrest of society.

Sônia Bridi


Ana Toni
João Paulo Capobianco
Rodrigo Medeiros
Renato Cunha